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Hauser Jr./Sr. High School     Grades 7-12
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 Hope Elementary School      Grades K-6
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      Creating the Best Learning Experience for All 

Our core beliefs about our students and our school are:

Learner centered environments honor each student's uniqueness.

All members of our learning community foster a culture of reflective practice.
Hope:  It takes a community to educate a child.  
Successful education depends on the united efforts of all community members including families, students, and educators.
Every educator guides each child to fulfill his or her potential and be a lifelong learner.

Educators should hold high expectations for students, model daily learning, and guide students to set standards-based learning goals.

Ongoing multiple assessments drive instruction.
                     Assessments should be accurate, varied,  and relevant to students'
                     strengths and challenges and to standards-based learning goals.

Educators should help students develop skills, attitudes, and habits which will aid current and future success.  These include:         

                     Self discipline and time management
                     Informed decision-making
                     Self-direction in learning and goal-setting                           
                     Organizational skills
                     Ability to form respectful, productive relationships               
                     Environmental stewardship
                     Ability to collaborate in work                                                    
                     Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness
                     Ability to adapt to change                                                         
                     Valuing multiple perspectives and cultural differences

                     Creative problem-solving                              


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  • January Tips
     Tips to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits:
    *Be a good role model.  It is hard to be perfect all the time, but if kids see you trying to eat right and getting physically active, they will take notice.
      Send a message that good health is important.
    *Get the whole family moving.  Plan times for everyone to get moving together.  Take walks, ride bikes, swimming, work in the yard, hide and seek or tag. 
      Plan times for everyone to get moving together.
    *Small steps and gradual changes can make a difference in your health over time.  Start small and build up.
    *Limit TV, video game and computer time.
    *Encourage physical activities that they will enjoy.  Experiment with different activities.  If they like it they will stick with it langer.
    *Make dinner time a family time and sit down together.  Have the kids help with planning and preparing healthy meals. 
    *Be involved and help promote healthier lifestyles for all children.
    Thanks to the American Heart Association for these suggestions.



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