All students attending school must comply with Indiana Code 20-34-4-2. This code states every child residing in Indiana who is enrolled in an accredited elementary school, or high school shall be immunized as determined by the State Department of Health.


All vaccines should be completed prior to the start of the school year.
Religious Exemptions must be submitted in writing yearly. The immunizations(s) refused must be checked on the exemption form. Also, the acknowledgment of consequences of incomplete vaccination must be signed and dated yearly by the parent or guardian. The form may be found below.
Medical exemptions must also be submitted in writing yearly. Both forms are required. The forms may be found below.
According to IC 20-34-4-5 the parent or guardian must provide proof of the student's immunizations to the school. Students not meeting these requirements for immunizations may not be permitted to attend beyond the first day of school unless a waiver has been given by the school. The waiver may not exceed 20 days.

CHIRP permission form may be found below.

Grade K - 12 Required Immunization Education

Grade 6 (Boys & Girls) Required Immunization Education

Additional Immunization Information