Hauser Junior High Science Olympiad Team State Bound

Hauser Junior High Science Olympiad Team State Bound
Hauser Junior High Science Olympiad Team State BoundThe Hauser Jr HS Science Olympiad team took 1st place at the Bloomington Regional competition on Saturday and advances to the state competition on March 17th. (Yes, the Olympians will be giving up part of spring break to compete at state!)

This is the 2nd consecutive year Hauser Jr HS has placed 1st at their regional competition and the 3rd consecutive year we have advanced to state!

Science Olympians demonstrate mastery of Next Generation Science & Engineering Standards

The B Division Science Olympiad allows up to 5 9th graders to compete as long as they were on the team the previous year.

Every Olympian received at least one medal.

Students Receiving Medals

Gold - 1st Place
Battery Buggy - Thomas Essex / Addison Jones
Disease Detective - Bronwyn Newcomb / Rachel Hoke
Meteorology - Cade Whittington / Ashley Chambers
Microbe Mission - Joe Newcomb / Jonas Fleenor
Rocks & Minerals - Rachel Hoke / Kylie Mack
Solar System - Graham Kennedy / Savannah Vanderlind
Wright Stuff - Kaitlynn Everroad / Ashley Chambers

Silver - 2nd Place
Anatomy & Physiology - Addison Jones / Kylie Mack
Crime Busters - Bronwyn Newcomb / Rachel Hoke
Bronze - 3rd Place
Dynamic Planet - Cade Whittington / Brady Burton
Experimental Design - Kaitlynn Everroad / Rachel Hoke / Thomas Essex
Fast Facts - Brady Burton / Jonas Fleenor
Hovercraft - Graham Kennedy / Ben Curd
Potions & Poisons - Savannah Vanderlind / Bronwyn Newcomb
Road Scholar - Cade Whittington / Ashley Chambers
Thermodynamics - Graham Kennedy / Brady Burton